Home of American Football

American football is relatively new in Romania.
The first signs of interest in the game appeared in late 2006 and early 2007.  The game’s birth in Romania can be dated exactly to February 18, 2007, when the 19-year-old Rizu Cristian convinced a group of people who had communicated on an American football internet forum to gather in a park to play some ball.  Weekend after weekend they gathered in the park and in the spring began holding organized practices. 
In the summer of 2007 the group named themselves the Bucharest Warriors and held organized practices.  In September 2007, the Warriors received their first gear and started full contact practice.
Elsewhere in Romania, the Constanta Sharks team was developing, having purchased equipment about two months before the Warriors.  Also, in other parts of the country, other teams began playing: Oradea Stars, Iasi Se7ens, Cluj-Napoca Crimson Dragons, Vaslui Wolves, Scaieni Jaguars, Cluj Crusaders, Timisoara Lions, Bucharest Dacians, Bucharest Wolverines, Bucharest Rebels, Timisoara 89ers, Prahova Thunder etc.
First local game: December 2nd 2007 - Bucharest Warriors at Constanta Sharks
First international game: April 19th 2008 - Bucharest Warriors vs Kishinev Barbarians
First game as Team Romania: May 5th 2012. Bucharest Warriors, Cluj Crusaders, Constanta Sharks, Prahova Thunder, Timisoara 89ers.
First unofficial Championship: 2010 (4 teams)
First unofficial Championship Winner: Bucharest Warriors (againt Cluj Crusaders)
Recognition of American Football as an Official Sport in Romania: Nov 2012
First official international game: Bucharest Warriors vs USPEE Sentinels (24 Nov 2012)