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First local game: December 2nd 2007 - Bucharest Warriors at Constanta Sharks
First international game: April 19th 2008 - Bucharest Warriors vs Kishinev Barbarians
First game as Team Romania: May 5th 2012. Bucharest Warriors, Cluj Crusaders, Constanta Sharks, Prahova Thunder, Timisoara 89ers.
First unofficial Championship: 2010 (4 teams)
First unofficial Championship Winner: Bucharest Warriors (against Cluj Crusaders)
Recognition of American Football as an Official Sport in Romania: Nov 2012
First official international game: Bucharest Warriors vs USPEE Sentinels (24 Nov 2012)

2015 National Championship Meeting


Sunday, Nov 16th, in Sibiu, took place the last meeting for organizing the 2015 National Football Championship.

A new set of regulations was debated and approved.

The new schedule for the 2015 Season was established and the teams registered.

The championship is devided into two conferences: WEST: Cluj Crusaders, Resita Locomotives, Timisoara 89ers and EAST: Bucharest Warriors, Bucharest Rebels and Mures Monsters.

Therefore the new schedule looks like this:

Game week 1: SOUTH-EAST CONFERENCE: 21.03 Mureș Monsters @ Bucharest Rebels. Bucharest Warriors bye week.

Game week 1: NORTH-WEST CONFERENCE: 22.03 Reșița Locomotives @ Timișoara 89ers. Cluj Crusaders bye week.

Game week 2: SOUTH-EAST CONFERENCE: 28.03 Bucharest Warriors @ Mureș Monsters. Bucharest Rebels bye week.

Game week 2: NORTH-WEST CONFERENCE: 29.03 Cluj Crusaders @ Reșița Locomotives. Timișoara 89ers bye week.

Game week 3: SOUTH-EAST CONFERENCE: 4.04 Bucharest Rebels @ Bucharest Warriors. Mureș Monsters bye week.

Game week 3: NORTH-WEST CONFERENCE: 5.04 Timișoara 89ers @ Cluj Crusaders. Reșița Locomotives bye week.

Interconference games: SE vs. NV

Game week 4: 18.04 Bucharest Rebels @ Timișoara 89ers

Game week 4: 19.04 Cluj Crusaders @ Mureș Monsters

Game week 5: 25.04 Reșița Locomotives @ Bucharest Warriors

Game week 6: NORTH-WEST CONFERENCE: 2.05 Reșița Locomotives @ Cluj Crusaders. Timișoara 89ers bye week.

Game week 6: SOUTH-EAST CONFERENCE: 3.05 Mureș Monsters @ Bucharest Warriors. Bucharest Rebels bye week.

Game week 7: NORTH-WEST CONFERENCE: 9.05 Timișoara 89ers @ Reșița Locomotives. Cluj Crusaders bye week.

Game week 7: SOUTH-EAST CONFERENCE: 10.05 Bucharest Rebels @ Mureș Monsters. Bucharest Warriors bye week.

Game week 8: SOUTH-EAST CONFERENCE: 16.05 Bucharest Warriors @ Bucharest Rebels. Mureș Monsters bye week.

Game week 8: NORTH-WEST CONFERENCE: 17.05 Cluj Crusaders @ Timișoara 89ers. Reșița Locomotives bye week.

30.05 Semifinal 1 - North-West 2 @ South-East 1

31.05 Semifinal 2 - South-East 2 @ North-West 1

Places 5-6 6/7.06.

RoBowl VI 13/14.06

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IFAF Earns Recognition by the International Olympic Committee

International Federation of American Football Earns Recognition by the International Olympic Committee

10 December 2013

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on the 10th of December 2013 to grant the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) provisional IOC recognition during their meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland. IFAF is American Football’s international governing body with 64 member nations spanning six continents.

“IFAF is proud to receive this recognition and join the Olympic family,” IFAF President Tommy Wiking said. “The enduring ideals of sport that comprise the Olympic Charter reside in our game’s timeless values and in the spirit of the millions who love to play it.

“We thank the IOC Executive Board and administration for its support throughout this process as well as our dedicated National and Continental committees,” Wiking added. “It is especially gratifying to share this recognition with American Football athletes of all ages across the world, past and present. They have made and continue to make this an exceptional sport that captures our imaginations and unites us through competition in mind, body and heart.”

“On behalf of the IOC, we are delighted to welcome the IFAF into the Olympic Family. The federation has long demonstrated strong youth appeal and are making great progress in developing their sport around the world. We trust that this provisional recognition will generate momentum in the further universal development of their disciplines.” says Christophe Dubi, IOC Sports Director.

As American Football’s international governing body, IFAF looks after its three disciplines: tackle, flag and beach football.


Etapa 1 Warriors 0 : 46 Crusaders CNFA 2013 Rebels 8 : 12 89ers
Etapa 2 Crusaders 28 : 20 Rebels CNFA 2013 89ers 30 : 14 Warriors
Etapa 3 Rebels 40 : 8 Warriors CNFA 2013 89ers 0 : 8 Crusaders









Round 1 – 27 /28 Aprilie :

Cluj Crusaders  @ Bucharest Warriors : 27 Apr 2013 @ 13:00, Clinceni Arena
Score: Cluj Crusaders 46 : 0 Bucharest Warriors

Timisoara 89ers @ Bucharest Rebels : 28 Apr 2013 @ 11:30, Complex Sportiv Ion Tiriac
Score: Timisoara 89ers 12 : 8 Bucharest Rebels

Round 2 - 11/12 Mai:

Bucharest Warriors @ Timisoara 89ers : 12 Mai 2013, Kick Off at 11:00 @ Textila,
Score: Timisoara 89ers 30 : 14 Bucharest Warriors

Bucharest Rebels @ Cluj Crusaders: 11 Mai 2013, Kick Off at 12:00 @ Parcul Babes
Score: Cluj Crusaders 28 : 20 Bucharest Rebels

Round 3 - 25/26 Mai:

Bucharest Warriors @ Bucharest Rebels : 25 Mai 2013 @ 11:30, Complex Sportiv Ion Tiriac, Bucuresti
Score: Bucharest Rebels 40 : 8 Bucharest Warriors

Cluj Crusaders @ Timisoara 89ers :
Score: Cluj Crusaders 8 : 0 Timisoara 89ers


RO BOWL 2013

15 Iunie 2013 : Bucharest Rebels vs Bucharest Warriors, Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca

16 Iunie 2013: Cluj Crusaders vs Timisoara 89ers, Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca


Fotbal American - 8 Dec 2012

Sambata, 8 Decembrie 2012, a avut loc intalnirea generala a tuturor echipelor de Fotbal American din Romania. Intalnirea a avut loc la Sibiu si a inceput la ora 11. La intalnire au fost prezenti reprezentanti ai echipelor: Timisoara 89ers, Cluj Crusaders, Resita Locomotives, Bucharest Rebels, Oradea Stars, Bucharest Warriors si Bucharest Wolverines. In total au fost prezente 7 echipe din 11.